Indian Summer


Momma says we’re having an Indian Summer. It’s Halloween and as I type it’s 84 degrees. And this isn’t a “warm snap” or a rogue warm day. It’s been in the 80s for a while now, in fact we only had a couple of days in the 70s.


It got down to 73 one day and I wore a sweater to DJ’s football game. Man was that a mistake. I don’t mind though. Texas is where it’s at ya’ll. Homecoming mums, little cowboys wearing spurs to school, heck I even saw a little boy dressed as Lane Frost trick or treating Saturday. He even had the floppy wrist wave down pat.


But it turns out if you search “Indian Summer” we’re all wrong. An Indian Summer evidently comes with a long list of requirements. Either way, Momma and I will take it. As long as it’s not icy. Honestly I’m just such a sentimental person. Anything that is quintessential Texas gets me. Anything from the “old days” or stories from “back when” gives me the fuzzies.


And why not? I’m certain I would have thrived in the simpler times. There is such beauty in simplicity. Just look.

Wild and Free


I have always been somewhat of a dreamer, just ask my husband. I come by it honestly though. My mother is the same way. As much as my sister would like to deny it, so is she. Maybe it’s genetic. In that case, I wonder what these two will become.




I can already see it in Olivia. She plays for hours (sometimes I wish this were an exaggeration) creating kingdoms on the stairs. Castles and villages complete with all of the people and the animals, each one in there own location – a stair step of course. While she isn’t an only child, she definitely plays like one. Perfectly content in her own little world where she has complete control of the outcome.




I understand her. Who wants to follow someone else’s rules? Who doesn’t want to be in control of their own destiny? She has that opportunity. She’s young, she’s smart, and she has her whole life ahead of her. I hope she follows her creative spirit and creates her own life. I hope she doesn’t fall into the trap of peer pressure and becomes the leader, not the follower.



And this one? He has his mother’s will. (My little sister.) I have no doubt he will be stubborn enough to carve his own way in this life. He’s strong and he’s bright. His mini me, Eli, is the same way.

We must have done something right, she and I. God must have put extra thought into our futures to be blessed with these guys. I thank Him everyday.

I just hope they stay wild and free.




Finding beauty in the everyday

img_5628As a long time photographer and former studio owner I tend to search out the beauty in life. My last few years in teaching have heightened that urge to find the extraordinary in the everyday while at the same time has limited my ability to do that. Anyone who teaches knows the time constraints and creative demand that teaching places on you. I have found myself missing my studio more than usual lately and I finally realized it’s finding those special moments and sights that are all around us and sharing them. That’s when I realized I needed to blog again. I miss my website more than anything else, and here on WordPress I am free to do what I love. Share the beauty in this life.