Indian Summer


Momma says we’re having an Indian Summer. It’s Halloween and as I type it’s 84 degrees. And this isn’t a “warm snap” or a rogue warm day. It’s been in the 80s for a while now, in fact we only had a couple of days in the 70s.


It got down to 73 one day and I wore a sweater to DJ’s football game. Man was that a mistake. I don’t mind though. Texas is where it’s at ya’ll. Homecoming mums, little cowboys wearing spurs to school, heck I even saw a little boy dressed as Lane Frost trick or treating Saturday. He even had the floppy wrist wave down pat.


But it turns out if you search “Indian Summer” we’re all wrong. An Indian Summer evidently comes with a long list of requirements. Either way, Momma and I will take it. As long as it’s not icy. Honestly I’m just such a sentimental person. Anything that is quintessential Texas gets me. Anything from the “old days” or stories from “back when” gives me the fuzzies.


And why not? I’m certain I would have thrived in the simpler times. There is such beauty in simplicity. Just look.


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