Do you believe that life is a journey? That if you do it right, it will be one big adventure? I do. What is the quote that says something like “don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life”?


I think we all have not only an opportunity, but an obligation to take charge of our own life and make it what it should be. All that it should be. We are in control of this. I believe that we can choose to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else live, or we can be the one truly living life.


We can love with all that we have. We can laugh, we can cry, we can choose to feel every emotion put in our paths.


I choose to live the messiest, loudest, most gratifying life that I can. How about you?



Living Intentionally


Ok, can we just take a moment to see how amazing our God is? This beautiful world we live in is absolutely breathtaking.


My biggest complaint is that I am so preoccupied with this busy life I live that sometimes I fail to see what beauty surrounds me, and what a gift this life is.


I get so wrapped up in the schedules, and the to-do lists, and driving up and down the highway that I sometimes feel like I am wasting my life away. I don’t want to. I want to breathe it all in.


I want to jump in the leaves, dance in the rain, and feel the breeze on my face. I want to get stars in my eyes because I stared at the sun too long. I want to laugh until it hurts, and tell old stories I’ve already told 100 times. I want to love so hard.


I can. I think I can if I try. I don’t think that sort of bliss just happens. I think you have to create your own happy. I am trying to do just that. I want to live and love intentionally. I want to do things to make people smile and create that happiness in their lives.


I’m just thinking out loud… rambling. It’s just a thought. But maybe if I love hard enough and plan it I just might live one amazing life.


*Pictures taken while loving life in Utah and Colorado


A conversation my honey and I often have is about growing up. It seems that everything around us encourages our kids to grow up. I understand the desire to see your children excel, especially in academics or in sports. However, are we on a deadline?


All  children learn and grow at different speeds, accomplish different things, and have different interests. Don’t get me wrong. I’m that gym mom pushing Olivia to get every last bit out of her workout or to move up just one more A.R. level. I want the best for her.


But sometimes isn’t it most important to just let them be little? They have one childhood and it’s short. They have the whole rest of their lives to become the greatest XYZ, and they will. But does it have to be today?


*Photos of my Olivia a few years back. I can’t believe those chubby cheeks are gone!



People ask me all the time about my connection to Guatemala. Beyond the obvious answer, my child, there are many reasons I have such a deep love for that country. One of those is Antigua.

La gente me preguntan todo el tiempo acerca de mi conexión con Guatemala. Por supuesto es el lugar del nacimiento de mi hija, pero hay muchas razones por qué amo ese país. Una de las razones es Antigua.


Antigua, once the capital of Guatemala, is a small city in the central part of the country. It is surrounded by volcanoes and is famous for its cobblestone streets and Spanish Baroque Architecture. It is by far the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen.

A una ves Antigua era el capital de Guatemala. Es una pequeña ciudad en el parte central del país. Tiene volcanes alrededor y es famoso para su calles empedradas y arquitectura barroca española. No hay duda, es la ciudad más hermosa que he visto en toda mi vida.


Antigua is a major tourist destination but clings to its roots. Many of the natives still wear traditional dress and even speak one of the indigenous languages, including Kaqchikel and Q’eqchí. The latter I would love to learn, but that’s another post.

Antigua es un destino turístico muy famoso, pero tiene raíces también. Muchos de los nativos llevan ropa tradicional y hablan uno des los lenguajes indigenas incluyendo Kaqchikel y Q’eqchí. Me gustaría aprender el segundo, pero eso es otro mensaje.


The city has plenty to see and photograph. There are ruins, cathedrals, you name it. A photographers dream.

La ciudad tiene mucho para ver y tomar fotos. Hay ruinas, catedrales, todo. Un sueño para un fotógrafo.


El Convento de Capuchinas


I can’t wait to go back. Every time I come back I regret not doing this or photographing that. There is just so much to see and do. I’d love to do an extended stay there… one day perhaps.

Estoy lista a volver. Cada vez que vuelvo de Guatemala lamento no haciendo una cosa o otra. Hay mucho para ver y hacer. Me gustaría quedar por tiempo extendido… quizás un día.

Indian Summer


Momma says we’re having an Indian Summer. It’s Halloween and as I type it’s 84 degrees. And this isn’t a “warm snap” or a rogue warm day. It’s been in the 80s for a while now, in fact we only had a couple of days in the 70s.


It got down to 73 one day and I wore a sweater to DJ’s football game. Man was that a mistake. I don’t mind though. Texas is where it’s at ya’ll. Homecoming mums, little cowboys wearing spurs to school, heck I even saw a little boy dressed as Lane Frost trick or treating Saturday. He even had the floppy wrist wave down pat.


But it turns out if you search “Indian Summer” we’re all wrong. An Indian Summer evidently comes with a long list of requirements. Either way, Momma and I will take it. As long as it’s not icy. Honestly I’m just such a sentimental person. Anything that is quintessential Texas gets me. Anything from the “old days” or stories from “back when” gives me the fuzzies.


And why not? I’m certain I would have thrived in the simpler times. There is such beauty in simplicity. Just look.